Crazy Cookies, Pizza & Gluten-Free Cookie Dough

The most effective fundraising tips are those that happen to be very easy to manage, get the job done, deliver the results and is supported by an exceptional service.

Elle’s Confections is working in close cooperation with Pine Valley Foods to deliver the exceptional product and service that your organization deserves and needs! It will be of interest to you that Pine Valley Foods has assisted many organizations in earning millions of dollars since 1998. Our joint cooperation of service and product ensures that your organization will enjoy continued success throughout your fundraising campaigns.

Elle’s Confections is Crazy about Cookies and she's jumping for Joy!!!

Crazy Cookies

Hand’s down, we’ve got the tried and true classics, but we’ve blended these absolute favorites with a complete unexpected excitement! Our objective is to create enthusiasm, excitement, and fun into all we do! And, what do we do? We make the best cookie dough product to deliver to your door step.

“We’re Crazy about Cookies!”

We at Elle’s Confections, along with Pine Valley Foods, have worked together to assist your fundraising organization in offering an expanded scrumptious assortment of cookie dough products that has proven to be easy selling, great-tasting, with a no fuss shipping and distribution right up to your door. An expanded assortment of COOKIE DOUGH product at your fingertips!

Crazy about Cookies” cookie dough is a line of scrumptious cookie dough packaged in either tubs or pre-portioned trays, manufactured in Pine Valley’s own manufacturing plant in West Monroe, Louisiana. We believe that if you take the freshest ingredients and add slightly old-fashioned know-how, we are able to prepare some of the best tasting cookie dough you’ve ever tasted – each day – within an environment in which everybody is treated like family – one big cookie dough family!


Shop "Crazy About Cookies"

Check out some of our offerings:

  • Pre-Portioned Cookie Dough Fundraiser ~ Brochure here
  • Sugar Cookie Fundraiser ~ Brochure here
  • Assorted Cupboard Variety Pack Fundraiser ~ Brochure here
  • Ten Dollar Tub Cookie Dough Fundraiser ~ Brochure here
  • Tubs and Preportioned Cookie Dough - Mmm'adness ~ Brochure coming
  • Swiftlicous artisan Cookies Dry Mix: ~ Brochure here


Elle’s Confections Brings your Organization “Spirit” Cookie Dough!!

Your Customized Logos on the Brochures and Products!

If you are crazy about cookies, you will be insane about our Spirit Cookie Dough!

Spirit dough is an innovative and delicious fundraising product which allows your organization to showcase your very own LOGO on the product. That’s right, your own logo!!

This is the opportunity for your organization to place your unique logo onto an edible image on our delicious sugar cookies. This Spirit Cookie Dough, combined with our custom brochures (which can also feature your organization’s fundraising goals) will support your fundraising goals while increasing brand awareness among your supporters.

Crazy Cookies

The Spirit Dough Fundraising Program is a great fit for towns and communities where you have a lot of enthusiastic local support. By ordering our school logo decorating kits, you can create cookies that will have everyone cheering.

(See the Spirit Dough brochure here)

This program is a great way to support all kinds of school-affiliated groups:

  • Sports teams
  • Cheer & dance squads
  • Band
  • Choir
  • Student organizations & clubs

With our school logo cookie fundraisers, you sell kits that include ready-to-bake cookie dough, packets of white icing, and the edible images of the school logo that you place on top.

In addition to the cookie kits, Elles's Confections also provides all of the support materials you need. We will provide your entire team with sales collateral, like product brochures and order forms. Our other service options include;

  • Data entry
  • Pack by student
  • And prize programs

Services that are designed to reduce your paperwork and grow your sale.

Ready to Roll?

Order the kits, bake the dough, and add the logo. It’s really that simple.

Score the fundraising you need while also supporting your school. Go! Fight! Win – with school logo cookie kits!

Elle’s Confection’s Gluten-Free Cookie Dough

Times have changed and we understand that some people are gluten allergic or sensitive to glutens.

Don’t worry, we can assist you.  We have developed a great tasting, scrumptious, mouthwatering chocolate gluten-free chocolate chip cookie dough as a viable option.

Our gluten free cookie dough is now available in 2 lb. tubs. (Brochure Here)


Elle’s presents Swiftlicious DRY MIX products as a redefining fundraising option!

(Swiftlicious Dry Mixed products brochure here)

If your organization prefers to conduct a non-perishable fundraising sale that requires no refrigeration, we have viable and profitable alternatives with our very own Swiftlicious brand of dry mix products. It’s a refreshing assortment of cookies, desserts, and savory products – along with other goodies –  that you are able to prepare ever-so-quickly in your very own kitchen. Many of our dry mixes are timeless classics you have come to love.

But, as you know, here at Elle’s confections, we have taken it a step further by reinventing these classic mixes with a fresh modern day twist. It doesn’t matter what the day dishes out, this is your delicious fundraising occasion.  From cookies to pizzas to cakes, we have just about all the truly amazing products which are certain to easily sell.

We believe that the taste of our dry mixes are so delicious that your organization and the supporters of your organization will be pleased and will be repeat customers. Not only is the flavor of our dry mixes superior, but these mixes can save your customers loads of time in daily food preparation.   Shop Elle’s Confection’s today.


Here are some samples of our products/brands:

  1. Swiftilcious Bundt cakes are mouthwatering and easy to prepare. Bundt cake baking kits include:
  • Chocolaty escape – made with rich dark cocoa
  • Vanilla Bean – A truly classic buttery vanilla cake mix
  • Lemony Bliss – Can you imagine a tangy and sweet lemon mix, well, here it is!
  1. Artisan Cookie Baking Kits:
  1. Swiftlicious Flatbread Pizza

And, click below for the Swiftlicious pizza fundraising brochures:

If you love pizza, you have come to the right place.  Italian pizza – all in a convenient mix for your culinary experience…

  • Perfectly Peppi Pizza – Classic Pepperoni pizza for your tasting!
  • Simply Cheesetastic – a classic cheesy ensemble of Parmesan, Romano and as ago pizza for any one’s pallet.


Then, if that's not enough, there's also the INCREDIBLE "Aunt Annie's" Fundraising products.(Brochure here)

Aunt Annie's is not your ordinary products for fundraising, which is a good thing. If you're looking for something completely different, Aunt Annie's has just the products for you.

How about...

  • Soft, Cinnamon - Sugar soft pretzels
  • Soft pretzel nuggets (w/ cinnamon and sugar)
  • Frozen Pretzel Dogs (like pigs in a blanket but inside pretzels)
  • Cinnabon Rolls - Did you know that 1 Cinnabon roll contains less sugar than a standard bottle of Coke?)
  • Pretzel Kits - includes all of the necessary ingredients so that your customers can create the pretzels to taste.

What to do Next:

Call or contact Elle’s Confections and see how quickly we can put together a customized plan for your next fundraiser.

Please click here or call 844-Raisefunds (844-724-7338) for more information.

Crazy Cookies