Cheesecake Fundraising Ideas New York

Cheesecake Fundraising Ideas New York

If your fundraising efforts need a boost, you can’t get much richer than cheesecake, right?

Absolutely! Cheesecake Fundraising Ideas New York! A fundraiser utilizing cheesecakes is a simple and most efficient way to raise funds for your group. It's a dessert offering that's great for holidays, Thanksgiving, Christmas or Easter, or just about anytime.

By offering our decadent cheesecakes, it will be a sure thing you’ll raise funds for your group, while benefiting the people who part take in your fundraiser with a sweet satisfaction of digging into a silky smooth cheesecake dessert.

Elle's Cheesecake assortment comes in five awesome flavor options:

  • New York, New York (Plain)
  • Turtle-centric
  • Chocolate Swirl
  • Strawberry Dreams
  • All-Aboard Assortment Pack

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How We Do It at Elle's Confections

Our system allows you to plan and execute profitable and successful fundraising campaigns with an affordable product that everyone can enjoy.

The great part is, these fundraisers require a minimal volunteer team to sell and a simple distribution model. Spend more time selling and less time messing with the paperwork!

We Offer:

  • Data entry
  • Pack by student
  • Prize programs that are designed to reduce your workload and grow your sale.

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Popcorn fundraiser

Pop” quiz: Fundraising should be A) Complicated and difficult to organize, or B) Simple and delicious. If you answered B, we like your thinking! And you’ll probably like ours.

Elle's Confections offers your organization a buttery golden opportunity to offer make your fundraising efforts shine with our popcorn fundraisers. Popcorn fundraisers are delicious snacks that everyone loves.

Start Your Popcorn Fundraiser!

With a popular snack like flavored popcorn, you’ll appeal to a wide range of customers. Whether your group is a handful of club members or a whole school, we can help you scale your fundraising plan to fit your financial goals and reach your fullest fundraising potential.

Help us help you!

Since we believe in the success of your group and fundraiser, Elle's Confections, also help you out with guidance on supporting and promoting to your sales team. In addition to our world-class product, we support your group with complimentary marketing and logistic advice. And don't forget our quick delivery; so you won't have to worry when you will receive your product safely. Let’s kick off your sale and start moving toward those fundraising goals!

Call (Toll-Free) 844-RaiseFunds (844-724-7338) or contact Elle's Confections to talk about your next fundraising event. We will be glad to recommend products to you based on your goals and your desires.