March 25, 2016

What happens when a really large sale is placed with Elle’s Confections?

All of us love listening to sponsors who have the experience in the fundraising industry

in conducting a really super-duper fundraising event. Experience is, that the sale is

always being organized, marketed even before the group starts raising a cent.  When

this happens the fundraising sale is very successful beyond anyone’s expectations.

Believe it or not, this actually happens. All of us love listening to fundraising sponsors

who’ve experienced managing & marketing an over-the-top, out-of-this-world, super-

duper fundraising event. We’re talking about a sales event that happens as soon as the

group starts without a penny.  But then the dream of raising a little cash, actually ends

up with a large sale beyond just about anyone’s expectations. Trust all of us, this

happens… And it’s smiles all over the cookie dough distribution here at Elle’s

Confections when it does!


What happens when a group sells more than it could possible handle come delivery

day? It’s like that old commercial where the company launches a new website and

everyone in the company is glued to the screen. And then the sales expectations start

to grow and grow and grow. Believe it or not, a sense of dismay is felt, and they are like

“Oh my! What have we done?!?”


Commonly that whole “what have we done” scenario can play out every now and then,

and we’re always quick to calm down the sponsor and offer reassurances. As we like to

say, this ain’t our first rodeo!  Here at Elle’s Confections, we’ve delivered some mighty,

mighty big orders over the years.  And at Elle’s Confections, we have all the experience

needed to make the large delivery just as successful as any other Elle’s Confections



Here’s what happens and what we do when we get that H-U-G-E sale:

We are quick to notify the key personnel throughout manufacturing &

distribution. As to be expected very large orders require a little more planning, so we

like to make the key personnel aware of what’s coming down the pike.  Naturally this

alerts managers to plan staff and supplies necessary to handle the order.

Then we maintain the same just-in-time readiness when we will pack this order.

This is the same careful methodology we pack all orders–one scanned unit at a

time. When you’re managing a distribution facility, it all boils down to having a good

process. Our process here at Elle’s Confections is time-tested and based on proven

standards. We are really proud that the manufacturing plant which works with Elle’s

Confections is a Level 2 SQF Certified facility. This is technical jargon for saying we

have been audited and approved by the Safe Quality Food (SQF) Institute. The end

result is that the manufacturing and distribution company we work with has a bottom line

which is designed and tested to handle any order, no matter how large or small.

Don’t forget freight options. It’s not uncommon over the years to have delivered

orders that basically fill up an entire 18-wheeler truck. It’s hard to believe that Elle’s

Confections works with a manufacturer that has worked with orders that have filled up

two entire trucks! Such large orders are actually easy to handle. The truck picks up the

order from the dock and drives straight to the delivery address. Since there are no stops

at terminals required, as they say in the trucking world: Just gas up and go!

And of course we give thanks for having the chance to sparkle.  Since Elle’s

Confections is in the cookie dough business this means we need to sell cookie dough to

remain in business. So when we get a huge order, we are truly Grateful! Being sincerely

thankful for the business and thankful for the opportunity to truly deliver the Day to Day

product & service to our customer.


It’s all about the need to have the “what have we done” dreaded feeling when your

cookie dough fundraising sale is beyond your wildest dreams! Successfully we have

handled huge orders, and we are capable to handle the next one. Elle’s Confections

has got you covered! So get out there and sell your hearts out!! To learn more about

Elle’s Confections’ products, services, and solutions please click the link below to

contact us: