The Most Amazing Fundraising Products on the Internet


Unbelievable Profits

Elle's here to best ensure your fundraising event is the most profitable possible. Her crew will take care of you from start until the last product is delivered. If her service isn't absolutely perfect she cries. And, we don't want Elle to cry.

Tasty Cookies

Our patented process allows cookies to be unfrozen for days at a time, refrigerated of months or frozen up to a year.

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Incredibly Delicious Cheesecakes & More

There are a lot of people who say they offer gourmet cheesecakes  but when you taste ours you’ll know we have the real deal.

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Cookies, Pizza and Gluten-Free

See all of the other crazy products we offer… things like desserts containing your logo, gluten-free desserts, non-frozen cookie dough, pizza kits and more. Yup, you’ll love them all!

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Fundraisers that Help Others

It’s a wonderful thing to be able to make oodles of cash for your cause but it’s even better when your efforts help others too.

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We Provide Our Services to the Entire United States

It’s easy for us to work with you because the success of your fundraiser is the only thing that’s important. And, we will do everything we can to make sure your event is as successful as possible.